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Técnico de paneles solares

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Installation System Interconnected to the Service Network with Backup Batteries

These systems are made up of a battery bank, a solar energy source (solar panels) to recharge the batteries, a charge controller and a grid inverter. Their advantage is that if there is a failure or power outage in the public grid, You can count on electricity in your home, by using energy stored in batteries.

Paneles solares en el tejado
Los paneles solares en la azotea

Installation System
Interconnected to the Grid Service Network 

Grid-connected electrical system is a semi-autonomous electrical generation system that connects to the electrical grid to return or sell excess energy produced to the local electrical grid. When there is not enough electricity available, electricity drawn from the power grid can make up the shortfall. It does not use storage batteries, it is used only to lower energy costs


Installation System Outside the Service Network (OffGrid)

An isolated photovoltaic solar installation is an energy generation system without connection to the public electricity grid. called in English "off-grid system" that provides energy from sunlight. Normally it requires the storage of photovoltaic or wind energy generated in batteries and allows it to be used 24 hours a day or as long as you need.

Powerwall-monitoring TESLA

Additional Services

We carry out all types of residential, commercial and industrial electrical work. LED lighting, electrical panels, counter bases, Overload Protection, Electrical Substations, Certifications.

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