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Puesta de sol en los paneles solares

About Us

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Solar Panel Maintenance and Installations. 

A Better Tomorrow

The Soleair Energy team offers the best solution in isolated photovoltaic systems (offgrid) or outside the public network and connection to the network. We are dedicated to the development of electrical projects, design, and installation of Photovoltaic systems of the highest quality levels and engineering standards, making implementation and change easy for our clients.

With our experience in project development, we offer solar and wind energy solutions sized according to your energy needs and cost, geographic location and climatic characteristics, providing you with the necessary advice during each phase of the project so that your system becomes a tool saving for your pocket and environmentally friendly.


Soleair Energy is supported by select brands and suppliers recognized worldwide for their technology, guarantees, international certifications, quality, reliability and long-term duration, which guarantees that our systems adhere to local and international standards and best practices. during its design, installation and useful life. Our team of technical professionals designs and integrates the equipment according to its optimal performance and maximum efficiency for each geographic location and climatic characteristics.

We guarantee the energy production of our systems and offer flexible financing options through banks or local cooperatives. Soleairenergy® uses high-resolution climate and solar radiation databases and applies them using the most advanced models and software in the sizing and simulation of solar energy production, and offers optimized systems to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Soleairenergy® offers a clean and affordable alternative to traditional energy consumption, providing immediate reductions in electricity costs while reducing environmental impact and promoting energy independence.

paneles solares
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Qualified Personnel

Our team is made up of qualified personnel in the industry. We work on the design, installation and the necessary permits of the systems. All our installations are carried out by electrical engineers and licensed and certified electricians.

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15 Years of Experience

We have more than 15 years of experience in the development of energy saving projects and as electrical contractors. Our experts have installation and design licenses for renewable energy systems.

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Best Warranty

Rest assured that all installed equipment will be protected with the best warranty. We have a service guarantee package and our equipment includes the best guarantees in the solar and wind energy market.

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Customer Service

We distinguish ourselves by our clear commitment to service and support to all our customers and always offer the best value for money in products. With us you get direct and personalized attention that will free you from long waiting periods and many calls.


Pedro Rodriguez

Excelente servicio. Muy contento por el trabajo.
Patillas, PR


Orlando Martinez

Ahora sí tengo seguridad energética.
Ponce, PR

Hector Rivera

Vale la pena la inversión excelentes profesionales.
Salinas, PR
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